Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Habit and The Bad One

It is said that this verse down on a friend who asked the Prophet to be willing to accept a guest to stay at home. Due respect to the Companions of Allah, the acceptance of these guests, and he realized did not have anything for dinner was served except that a mediocre to his family.

With his wife and their children until they fall asleep before dinner, and then extinguished the lights of the room before they served dinner to the guests. Then he sat down with guests to pretend go eat, but he did not eat for fear of food served at least. In the morning God perpetuating generosity of nature of these friends in the above verse to remember and be a role model Muslims that how glorious this generous nature.

Generosity someone will show courage in him, because he was not afraid of losing what he gave to others. Generosity also reflects the strong faith and strong, because he believed that what he gives to others will undoubtedly get a change from God. This is what has been promised by the Holy Qur'an:

"And what do you gave, then He (Allah) and He would replace the poster gifts best" (Surah Saba ': 34). In a hadith the Messenger of Allah also said: "People are generous near to God, closer to people and close to heaven. The miserly skinflint and far from God, away from humans and close to Hell".

Recommended generousity is accompanied by sincerity to help relatives in need and in search of keridlaan God. This is what will get a double reward from Allah Almighty.

"The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of God is a seed that grows seven grains and each grain produced another 100 seeds. God's double (reward) to anyone who pleases. God's immense grace and more all-knowing" (al -Baqarah: 261).